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“The DYNAMIC DASHCAM USERS Group (Do-it-Yourself Not-at-fault Accident & Motor Insurance Claims) is a closed Facebook group for self-sufficient dynamos who want to learn how to settle their own personal injury and property damage claims.  Everybody deserves a completely transparent claims process if they pay premiums.

Discover how to handle almost any type of accident insurance claim using these 7 essential skills.

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    Protection - Learn to protect your rights after an accident
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    EvaluationLearn to determine what you claim is worth
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    NegotiationLearn how to deal with uncooperative doctors and insurance companies
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    PreparationLearn how to gather evidence and prepare a claim for settlement
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    PresentationLearn how to present your facts and evidence for a full and fair settlement
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    FormulationLearn how to counter the special tactics that insurance companies use
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    DelegationLearn how to stay on top of your claim even if you have to hire a lawyer

If you have recently been injured in an accident, you've probably already made one or more mistakes that could fatally harm your claim. Here's how to fix that...

  • DYNAMIC Group Admins will guide you through the insurance claims process for free, step by step.
  • DYNAMIC Group members are provided with  legal templates, precedents and checklists.
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    DYNAMIC Group members will then be empowered to maximize their own insurance settlement.
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    DYNAMIC Group members will save on legal fees and cut through the insurer's delay and denial tactics.

What drives your Desire to do things yourself?

are you a  person of purpose?

...that is driven to maintain the level of financial support for your family and loved ones after a motor vehicle accident?

are ​you a person of innovation?

...that is driven to creating new ways of doing things so that life actually becomes better after a setback?

are you a person of AcTION?

...that is focused on changing the traditional ways of how things are done and challenging the status quo?

are you A PERSON of inquiry?

...that is constantly looking for ways to educate yourself so that you can exert more control over the outcome of potentially negative experiences.

Ashley Tulley

 Chief Commercial Officer, MCW Legal


Since 1975 we have acted for thousands of accident victims who have been left out-of-pocket and out-of-sorts by careless motor vehicle operators and landlords.

We understand that there  is very  large community of people currently in a similar situation - with this shared common experience  of a not-at-fault accident that has left them injured and/or their vehicle damaged.  

Social media can bring these people together.  Google search can provide them with any information they might need to make an insurance claim.  This information is no longer the secret of insurers and lawyers.  It is freely available online if you spend the time looking.

Information is knowledge and knowledge is power.

THE DYNAMIC DASHCAM GROUP combines the power of google search, the power of our own legal expertise and the power of community via a closed Facebook group.  

THE DYNAMIC DASHCAM USERS GROUP brings power to the claimant.  

THE DYNAMIC DASHCAM USERS GROUP brings power to the the person who pays the premium.  

THE DYNAMIC DASHCAM USERS GROUP brings power to the the person who funds the scheme.

We think the world is changing and that information regarding the legal process surrounding an insurance claim should be de-mystified.  

Nobody deserves to be discriminated against or put in a disadvantaged position (in the insurance claims process) just because they are not using a lawyer.

Join us now and settle your claim your way

The group of self-trained insurance experts


MCW Legal demystifies the insurance claims process so that the claimant has full transparency of the process.

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